About Us

GMLS offer global solutions by providing our valued customers, with superior skills, capacity building and academic training, and ‘hands-on’ mentoring and consulting, particularly in relation to corporations and government administrations. Our directors and associates are all experts in their field and have specialised postgraduate academic qualifications combined with hands-on experience.

We continuously strive to remain the preferred Consulting Services and Capacity Building Provider in International Trade, Global Supply Chain Management and Customs Compliance Solutions in the Southern African region and the African Continent as a whole. We offer tailor-made global solutions that provide our clients with superior and competitive results. The GMLS Team is comprised of recognised leaders in the field of International Trade, with a focus on trade facilitation initiatives.

GMLS aims to secure the International Logistics Supply Chain by providing superior skills and knowledge transfer to African countries. Benefits to these countries will include maintaining and increasing their participation in world trade, whilst they contribute, in turn, to Global Supply Chain Security.

GMLS distributes the World Customs Organisation (WCO) E-Learning Programme, ICC e-Learning and A to Z Software learning and reference tools for the Southern African market. We are further actively working with leading academics and international universities, including the WCO Capacity Building Programmes (Courtesy of the WCO), in order to provide SADC countries with additional academic programmes focused on Customs & Excise and International Trade.


Global Trade is the lifeline of South Africa, and needless to say, all international trading countries. The capacity to conduct international trade against standards and benchmarks of international levels and in compliance to international conventions is, in our belief, significantly important ~ more so for Customs Administrations.

The developments of Customs internationally are significant. Not only has Customs been charged with the responsibility for global supply chain security, they have numerous other tasks and obligations to society which are relevant to our day-to-day trade. In fact, their intervention in our business and that of our customers can either facilitate or disrupt international trade progress. Recognising these developments, the World Customs Organisation (WCO), drafted the WCO Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate global trade (SAFE).

Our Academic Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate international academic associations and therefore to play an integral and strategic role in the creation and development of degree and postgraduate programmes of the highest quality in the fields of Customs & Excise and International Trade. Thereby achieving the goal of recognition to the freight forwarding community and international trade experts in South Africa as a professional and recognised vocation. This aim covers the provision of both Face-to-Face E-Learning and E-Learning through paper-based materials and on-line training programmes.

Our team consists of leading professionals and associated experts located throughout the world including noted former senior ITAC officials, customs officials, experienced advocates, international trade consultants and business leaders. Our team of experts and associates has advisory experience with several global, regional and national government bodies throughout Africa and specifically in the SADC and West African regions and we are affiliated with multilateral institutions such as:

We aspire to follow the main organisations setting benchmarks, international frameworks, legislation and standards for the global trading industry. Our vision is to enhance the capacity and skills for all Learners/Students, who receive training from us, towards Globally aligned, recognised and accredited Qualifications. In our quest to do so, we therefore ensure that all our training is delivered in accordance with the latest standards of global organisations, that impact primarily on the services that Globally Competent Freight Forwarders, Logistics Service Providers and Customs skilled expertise organisations deliver.

Those trained through us should confidently and ideally be placed in Global Traders, Logistics Operators, Government Agencies, Customs Administrations, Forwarding and Clearing, and Legal organisations anywhere in the world. This document is designed to be a working document for planning purposes.