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Company Mission Statement

gmls-black-manGMLS aims to secure the International Logistics Supply Chain by providing superior skills and knowledge transfer to Southern African countries. Benefits to these countries will include maintaining and increasing their participation in world trade, whilst they contribute, in turn, to Global Supply Chain Security.
Global Maritime Learning Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the official distributor of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) E-Learning Programme for the South African Customs Union, for the private sector. We are further actively working with leading academics and international universities, including the WCO Capacity Building Programmes (Courtesy of the WCO), in order to provide SADC countries with additional academic programmes focused on Customs & Excise and International Trade.

Academic Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate international academic associations and therefore to play an integral and strategic role in the creation and development of degree and postgraduate programmes of the highest quality in the fields of Customs & Excise and International Trade. Therby achieving the goal of recognition to the freight forwarding community and international trade experts in South Africa as a professional and recognised vocation. This aim covers the provision of both Face-to-Face learning and E-Learning through paper based materials and on-line training programmes.

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