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Trade & Customs Compliance


GMLS-Girl-1Our approach focuses specifically on the supply chain domain, where companies need to achieve best-for-business supply chain integrations vis-á-vis functional excellence. This requires:

  • Establishing effective scale of operations in increasingly complex supply chains.
  • Leveraging information technology to deliver business intelligence and process automation.
  • Aligning people performance through formalised outputs and standardised measures.

Our expertise lies in improving business processes in the supply chain. Our client engagements result in knowledge transfer and building strong internal capabilities. Our involvement ranges from analyses and design to implementation and, when required, we operate supply chain processes on behalf of clients.

GMLS is comprised of a team of leading professionals located throughout the world.  We provide consulting in the fields of import and export compliance, supply chain security and cross-border trade.  We also provide trade advocacy services for the private sector, educational and training programmes for both the private and public sector.  Our team includes noted trade compliance professionals with extensive practical experience in setting up successful Customs and Trade compliance organisations within major multinationals.

We have highly skilled associates who are well versed in Global Supply Chain Security and compliance in terms of initiatives of the Revised Kyoto Convention as well as the WCO SAFE programmes.

Internationally, customs and excise administrations, being  the controlling authorities over the first point of entry and the last point of exit, have traditionally been responsible for enforcing control over imported and exported goods, often on behalf of other government departments. The role of customs authorities changed significantly in recent times, mainly due to growth in World trade and security concerns.  Customs controls employed by the various customs administrations differ from country to country depending on the needs and priorities of individual countries, and their trade and economic policies.  What may represent high risk areas for one customs administration may be regarded low risk areas for another.

This different approach reflects the changing and diverse environment in which customs authorities operate, as well as the corresponding changes in government priorities (trade policy), always subject to the international commitments of each individual country.  Intergovernmental organisations such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the World Customs Organisation (WCO) – officially known as the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC), the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICC) and other such bodies are responding through the shaping and development of global standards that recognise the changing nature of international trade.  The new buzzword “trade facilitation” is one of the new concepts that arose as a result of such customs modernisation initiatives.

There is no agreed upon definition of trade facilitation.  Trade facilitation is often referred to as the “plumbing of international trade” and focuses on the efficient implementation of trade rules and regulations.

What is undoubtedly clear and certain, is that trade facilitation, which is about expediting the movement, release and clearance of goods, plays a critical role in international trade.

The international trade environment is highly complex and is defined by a wide and varied set of demands by business for trade facilitation.

The proliferation of various trade procedures is driven by customs control objectives which include: revenue collection; safety and security; environment and health; consumer protection; and trade policy. In the majority of countries a significant share of these controls will be performed by directly customs or under customs supervision.

Therefore global traders need to consider numerous solutions and alternatives in order to successfully perform international trade transactions.

GMLS is the right partner for your trade and customs compliance solutions.

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