GMLS held a Customs Skills Programme Introduction Training on the 16th of May 2014 at 10:30 am for Learners who were enrolled and registered for the course in Western Cape, Cape Town.

The training which was held at Stellenbosch University Telematic Services, and helped students learn more about the SAAFF/TETA Customs Border Training Flagship Project as well as how to familiarise themselves and apply the new upcoming South African Customs Bills and Legislation.

During the training students were able to ask questions and get them answered directly by the panel which was Mark Goodger the Managing Director of GMLS and Yasmina Pandi the Educational Specialist and Director at GMLS.

We will keep learners up to date on the Customs Skill Programme Material which will be available soon and distributed to those who attended the training as well as those learners who has missed the training.