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The PROJECT, is a website-based networking platform, developed by PROSADC in cooperation with GMLS South Africa was developed to address the needs and short-comings of the freight transportation industry, namely;


  • The issue of shipping cargo, especially larger consignments,
  • Time spent by you or your company shipping or moving commodities,
  • Money spent by you or your company shipping or moving a commodities,
  • The difficulty experienced with the overall process when sourcing trusted freight companies., a new transport online marketplace in southern Africa, has arrived. Discover a new way to transport your cargo, which can be done online for a faster and easier shipping experience. offers it members;

  • An Online Transport Marketplace where a large list of freight carriers and brokers gather to bid on your shipment,
  • An easier method to source freight companies that can transport anything from automotive to animals, cargo to containers and freight to furniture, by logging in online or using the mobile version
  • If you’re a shipping company, this is the perfect platform for you to find loads to ship, saving time as all transactions are done online or from using your smartphone anytime, anywhere
  • Using the internet to find trucks for your truck loads or cargo has been made easier with this online transport marketplace
  • Freight companies and brokers are generally always online and are ready to bid for your shipment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Transactions are made more secure by using the escrow facility via the safest and most reputable companies like; PayPal, 2Checkout, PayZa, and Bank wire Transfers

Advantages to using

  • Your posts can easily be seen and accessed by large group of service providers, ranging from independent truckers to large carriers and brokers
  • Bids are placed to compete for your shipments, which you can view immediately from your computer or mobile device on submission of bid
  • Using this online load board saves you money by allowing you to choose the lowest bidder but still meet your requirements
  • By posting loads online you save time by not having to wait for and receive phone calls for a shipment quote because all transactions are done via the internet
  • You also have access to accurate information about a transporters bid based on delivery time, price and feedback scores
  • In addition has a mobile version that allows you to check unlimited posts and notifications from transporters within southern Africa
  • Users on have the ability to post online coupon banners
  • Online webinars with reputable experts will help you understand the benefits from, a solution to the transport industry, that’s so simple, secure, and easy to use

Post Your Shipments Online and Take Advantage of Services

  • The makes the load matching easier for shipping companies
  • It is beneficial for both you and the service provider by allowing the checking of shipment related posts online
  • Now, with this online transport platform, you have a wider choice of thousands of customer rated companies with the widest selection of methods to ship your cargo

Save time, money, and ensure your truckloads are safe with

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