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Global Maritime Legal Solutions, offers International trade compliance & best practice solutions according to global standards, by providing our valued customers/students, with Superior Skills, Capacity Building, Academic Training, Mentoring, Consulting and Specialised Clearing & Forwarding Services. Within the International Supply Chain, our customer base extends from Private Sector to Governmental Authorities. From big to small we cater for them all.

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Global Maritime Legal/Learning Solutions

GMLS is a leading global organisation which provides comprehensive global trade compliance and best practice solutions. We empower our valued customers with cutting-edge skills, academic training, and practical mentoring and consulting services for all international trade solutions. Our team of directors and associates comprises seasoned experts with specialized postgraduate qualifications and extensive years of hands-on experience.

At GMLS, we understand that trade facilitation and advocacy are crucial for the success of businesses and governments worldwide. What sets us apart is our strong collaboration with major global trade authorities. This partnership enables us to provide our customers with unparalleled access to international standards and the appropriate capacity to meet their unique needs.

Our innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise in global trade compliance makes us a trusted partner for any customer. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your global trade compliance goals with limited risk, confidence and ease.

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As a leading consulting and capacity building provider in international trade, global supply chain management, and customs compliance solutions, we are committed to delivering superior and competitive strategies and solutions for our clients. Our customized global solutions are designed to address the individual & specific needs of each client and student, providing invaluable guidance and support to navigate the complexities of international trade thus achieving sustainable growth, predictability and Return on investment.

Our skilled team has a deep understanding of global supply chains and customs regulations. We provide innovative strategies to help clients overcome complex challenges and seize opportunities in international trade. With a focus on exceptional customer service, we exceed expectations and earn trust and loyalty as a preferred consulting and capacity building partner.

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Due dilligence, Analysis, Scope, Evaluation, Define Outcomes, Stakeholders, Risks & Legistalive Considerations, Specialistic Dispute Resolutions.



Mapping, Technology, Impacts of Global Organizations, Global Standards Compliance, Landed Costs, Advanced Rulings, Performance Management, Non Tariff Barriers, Audit, Licensing & Registration.



Standard Operating Procedures, Service Level Agreements, Team Collaboration, Mentoring, Measuring, Reporting, Evaluation & Strict Compliance.

From an initial trade transaction due diligence right through to final execution and landed costing.


What Clients, Partners & Affiliates say

Mr Ricardo de Beer

East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ)

The East London Industrial Development Zone SOC Ltd (ELIDZ), hereby confirm that GMLS has been a competent, trusted, and reliable service provider to our organisation in the field of customs advisory services since 2010.

During the time that GMLS has been contracted by the ELIDZ, several significant milestones have been achieved, such as having the first CCAs and CCAEs ever to be registered in an IDZ in South Africa, and also having the most CCAEs registered by GMLS.

GMLS’ services have also strategically extended beyond SARS CCA/E registration formalities, to encapsulate training, workshops and skills transfer for the us as the Zone operator and also for our investors located within the Zone from diverse industries.

GMLS has also been a formidable and respected advocate for the ELIDZ and for our CCAEs when engaging key government stakeholders such as SARS, National Treasury, the dtic and ITAC in ensuring that the customs duty, VAT and Section 12R incentives are realised accordingly by the intended beneficiaries.

It is thus without any hesitancy or reservation that we recommend GMLS to any other SEZ that is considering and wishing to utilise GMLS’ services in the domains of supply chain management, international trade, import/export processes and procedures, and customs compliance advisory services.


Lucas Janse van Rensburg


Tecex has had a successful partnership in South Africa with GMLS since 2017. Tecex has been very satisfied and impressed by the depth of knowledge customs compliance and tax matters. They have been Professional and offered a very high-quality level of service. GMLS has supported Tecex in South Africa by providing customs compliance, customs clearance, and other logistical and advisory services in South Africa.

They have a good grasp of South African regulations, Customs compliance, and SARS compliance.

Some of our previous projects had demanding deadlines with complicated delivery requirements that GMLS handled with great precision. We would recommend GMLS to any other prospective client who requires any of the services for which we have engaged GMLS.

Fred Charles Anson - Commissioner: Support Services Division)

Ghana Revenue Authority & Ghanalink

My position in the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for the period April 2017 to May 2019, was COMMISSIONER- SUPPORT SERVICES DIVISION (SSD), which encompassed Finance, Administration, HR, IT, Research Planning Monitoring & Evaluation, and Training and Development. Prior to that I was HEAD of the RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT from 2013 to March 2017.

I unequivocally hereby state that and put on record that my Office then was more than familiar with the above person who has delivered numerous training and capacity building programmes to our Authority, in various Customs areas such as Risk Management, Global Customs Conventions and Agreements driving Modernization (Revised Kyoto Convention Incoterms 2010, Classification, Valuation, and Rules of Origin etc).

I unreservedly recommend his Services, and you could be sure of brilliant and impactful delivery of the very latest in Customs Management issues such as the detailed handling of all eleven rules of the INCOTERMS 2020 and all Customs Conventions post 2000.

Besides Modernization and Digital Transformation issues are in his DNA, he is an Apostle of Trade Facilitation among other forward-thinking principles.

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