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GMLS offer global solutions by providing our valued customers, with superior skills, capacity building and academic training, and ‘hands-on’ mentoring and consulting, particularly in relation to corporations and government administrations. Our directors and associates are all experts in their field and have specialised postgraduate academic qualifications combined with hands-on experience.

Trade facilitation and trade advocacy, is the key to success for business and government alike. What sets GMLS apart is our association and co-operation with all major global authorities in trade, thus brining out customers the correct capacity at international standards

Our Vision, Mission and Values

GMLS aims to secure the International Logistics Supply Chain by providing superior skills and knowledge transfer to mainly African countries. Benefits to these countries will include maintaining and increasing their participation in world trade, whilst they contribute, in turn, to Global Supply Chain Security.

We continuously strive to remain the preferred Consulting Services and Capacity Building Provider in International Trade, Global Supply Chain Management and Customs Compliance Solutions, on the African as a whole. We offer tailor-made global solutions, that provide our clients with superior and competitive results. The GMLS Team is comprised of recognised leaders in the field of International Trade, with a focus on trade facilitation and development initivtaves such as the AfCFTA .

Our associated experts are located throughout the world and include noted former senior ITAC officials, customs officials, experienced advocates, international trade consultants and business leaders. We have developed advisory experience with several global, regional and national government bodies throughout Africa and specifically in the SADC and West African regions and we are affiliated with multilateral institutions such as:

Our Academic Mission is to facilitate international academic associations and therefore to play an integral and strategic role in the creation and development of qualification programmes of the highest global quality in the fields of Customs & Excise and International Trade. Thereby achieving the goal of recognition to the customs & freight forwarding community and international trade practitioners. This aim is achieved via a blended methodology of training & consulting programmes.

We are the distributers of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) E-Learning Programme, ICC e-Learning and A to Z Software learning and reference tools for the Southern African & African market. We are further actively working with leading academics and international universities, including the WCO Capacity Building Programmes (Courtesy of the WCO), in order to provide SADC and all African countries with additional academic programmes focused on Customs & Excise and International Trade.

Our expertise lies in improving business processes in the supply chain. Our client engagements result in knowledge transfer and building internal capabilities. Our involvement ranges from analyses and design to implementation and, when required, operation of the supply chain processes on behalf of clients.

We believe that an integrated approach to business is essential to improve overall performance. An effective supply chain is not just about people and operations, but about the processes and technologies that integrate them together.