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Special Economic Zones

GMLS is the first service provider to unlock the special benefits/incentives for Investors that have located within IDZs in more than a decade since the promulgation of the South African IDZ programme. This has given our IDZ clients a strong competitive marketing edge for investor attraction, thus boosting FDI into the South African economy.

Our Team Comprises:

  • Recognised leaders in concepting, developing, managing and promoting Special Economic Zones.
  • Practicing Economic Development professionals with extensive experience in influencing national industrial policy, visioning and leading regional policy and strategy, and concepting and implementing the programmes and projects that contribute to sustainable expansion of the economy’s productive potential.
  • Economic development practitioners experienced in converting strategy into action, thereby generating real projects capable of delivering tangible outputs such as employment creation, skills development and export growth.
  • Available economic development professionals, fit for purpose, and internationally experienced in diverse economic development projects.
  • Substantial experience in all stages of economic development from agriculture to Knowledge age, with matching capability in providing both the supporting physical and knowledge infrastructure.
  • Experience in creating identity and branding for important SEZs and in extending the life cycle of mature zones to ensure relevance to contemporary trends in sector development and master planning.
  • Long history of providing economic development guidance to developing and transition economies, throughout the world, including study tours workshops and capacity building.
  • SEZ and Customs legislation interpretation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operationalisation of Customs Controlled Areas (CCAs)
  • Shipping and Logistics Advisory Services
  • Special Applications and submissions to the DTI, ITAC, SARS etc
  • Incentive Marketing and Realisation

Our approach focuses specifically on the supply chain domain, where companies need to achieve best-for-business supply chain integrations vis-á-vis functional excellence.

This requires:

  • Establishing effective scale of operations in increasingly complex supply chains.
  • Leveraging information technology to deliver business intelligence and process automation.
  • Aligning people performance through formalised outputs and standardised measures.