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Supply Chain Security

Currently the WCO is known as the only non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a unique Customs focus. Headquartered in Brussels with 174 Members, its Members administer 98% of World Trade. GMLS is proud to be the official E-Learning Distributor for the WCO (World Customs Organisation) in the South African Customs Union. By our interface to this forum we are well suited to associate with, exchange experience and share the best practices on a range of International Customs and Trade issues, particularly those areas of Risk Management. Our team of Consultants and associated international professionals are located in numerous offices on the major continents of the globe.

This team includes noted professionals, with extensive public and private practice expertise, inclusive of former Senior Government Officials. We are therefore uniquely suited to provide specific guidance and expertise to the implementation and expansion of desired compliance requirements.

The international standards for global implementation are designed to improve “Customs-to-Customs” and “Customs-to-Business” cooperation and partnerships. The focus on the simplification and harmonisation of Customs procedures must be developed by implementation of an AEO type programme or pilot project. Partners are identified and secured for implementation.

Foreign Trade and Customs audits can give rise to doubt of whether all procedures have been carried out correctly and can impact on costs. Even the responsibility of collection of correct Customs duties by virtue of the applicable Customs classification and the challenges of increase in International Trade due to improved facilitation and logistics, create additional challenges in the monitoring and successful audit compliance and conclusion.

A new mission contribute towards enhancing the security of global trade. The move required is to shift the focus from the concentration on imports, or at time of import, only to a responsibility and control over the entire trade supply chain that covers an international consignment from origin to destination.

The new world modern Customs environment requires Customs Administrations to work hand-in-hand with the Private Sector for the main objective of assuring an efficient and secure system of Trade.

GMLS has ensured that, within the significantly rapid development of Global Supply Chain Security, Trade facilitation and the like, its personnel have attended major international forums inclusive of those held at the WCO with recognised experts in Global Supply Chain Security, International Trade Law and Customs Procedures, in the strategy to achieve Supply Chain Security as well as to simultaneously facilitate trade.

Our approach focuses specifically on the supply chain domain, where companies need to achieve best-for-business supply chain integrations vis-á-vis functional excellence.

This requires:

  • Establishing effective scale of operations in increasingly complex supply chains.
  • Leveraging information technology to deliver business intelligence and process automation.
  • Aligning people performance through formalised outputs and standardised measures.